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Woodme Ocean Gold

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Woodme Ocean Gold: The Golden Standard of Danish Design

Woodme Ocean Gold is a Danish-designed wooden watch that sets the standard for sophistication and style. Crafted from the finest golden walnut heartwood, this exquisite timepiece features a deep navy blue dial and stainless steel reinforcements. The top-class conical sapphire crystal glass ensures the watch’s longevity and precision.


    Wood is a living material, which means each Woodme watch will have slight variations in color and grain, adding to its unique charm. To ensure your watch remains a cherished accessory for years to come, avoid extreme temperatures and moisture.



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    Woodme Ocean Gold
    Woodme Ocean Gold
    Woodme Ocean Gold
    Woodme Ocean Gold
    Woodme Ocean Gold
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    Can I swim or shower with Woodme watches?

    While the watch is splash-resistant, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water to maintain the integrity of the wood and the strap. You should remove it before swimming or showering.

    How can I care for my Woodme watch?

    To keep your watch looking its best, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. Clean the wood with a soft, dry cloth, and occasionally apply a small amount of wood conditioner for added protection.

    Is the watch suitable for people with allergies?

    Woodme watches are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies to metals.

    How do I adjust the strap to fit my wrist?

    Your wooden watch can be easily adjusted by removing wooden links from the strap. For the perfect fit, ensure there’s enough room for a little finger under the strap without it being too tight.